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  • 4 Day tour to Albania Alps Komani Lake Shala River and Valbona to Theth

4 Day tour to Albania Alps Komani Lake Shala River and Valbona to Theth

4 Day tour to Albania Alps  Komani Lake  Shala River  and Valbona to Theth
4 Day tour to Albania Alps Komani Lake Shala River and Valbona to Theth

This self-guided tour offers you the best of the Albanian alps in just three-night and four days. The main destinations of the Albanian Alps included in this tour are the followings: 1) A panoramic trip on Komani lake; 2) swimming in the cold waters of Shala River; 3) relaxing in Valbona valley; peaks view from Valbona golf; 4) explore the main attractions of Thethi National Park (Thethi’s waterfall, Canyon, Church & Lock-In Tower). The unique experience of the two hours boat trip with the views of landscapes; the welcoming atmosphere in the guesthouses in Valbona and Thethi; traditional cuisine tasting; experiencing traditions and cultural laws, like the one where the house is ‘of God and of the guest’, you can in all get a unique experience to take with you after this trip. A simple way to feel Albania.


Day 1: Tirana to Shala River

Stop At: Komani Lake, Koman Albania
TIRANA: - The starting time of this tour is from the hotel door, from early morning at 04.30 am from Tirana, with a taxi which will bring you on time to the starting point on the backside of Gazheli Petrol, Str. Mine Peza.
The transport is done by shared minivan from Tirana to Komani ferry stop, (4x4car depending on guest request on extra charge). During the transfer to Komani ferry stop usually, you will get a coffee stop at any point during the trip.
SHKODRA: - The same pick up is offered from Shkodra at the hotel door from 06.30 - 07.00h, transfer with minivans to the ferry stop.

Duration: 5 hours

Stop At: Shala River, Albania
This destination is a unique and isolated place, a small paradise hidden in the corner of Komani lake. This place has three guesthouses only, a bay shore where you can relax and swim close to the river.
Transport by car from Tirana to Komani ferry stop, 2.5h;
Transport by boat through Komani lake to Shala river, 1.5h;
Duration: 12 hours

Meals included:
• Dinner
Accommodation included: Accommodation in a traditional guesthouse. Breakfast is included.

Day 2: Shala River to Valbona Vally

Stop At: Komani Lake, Koman Albania
This day starts from 07.00 is the departure toward Komani lake, ferry stop close to Peace Island. Here you will exchange from boat to ferry trip toward Fierze.
From Fierze to Valbona you will proceed with a minibus transfer organized by the same ferry company.
Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: Valbona Valley National Park, Valbona Albania
You will reach the valley around 13.30 and the minibus will drop you off at the guesthouse door.
Accommodation and dinner are included.
Free afternoon. You can explore the valley and have short walks.
Duration: 4 hours

Meals included:
• Dinner
Accommodation included: Accommodation in a traditional guesthouse.

Day 3: Valbona Vally to Thethi National Park

Stop At: Theth National Park, Rruga Nikgjonaj Rruga Nikgjonaj, Nr.18, Theth 4009 Albania
After an early breakfast, at around 08.00 am the day will start hiking toward Thethi valley for around 6-7 hours with a mule to carry your luggage and its owner to show you the path.
During this hike, we will go through Rragam village to the golf of Valbona at 1750 mt to proceed then in the Thethi National Park area between the woods and pastures.
Accommodation at the guesthouse around 17.00-18.00 am.
Free evening.
Duration: 8 hours

Meals included:
• Lunch: Lunch-box is provided from the guesthouse in Valbona.
• Dinner: Full meal.
• Breakfast
Accommodation included: Accommodation with breakfast included in a traditional guesthouse is provided in Thethi valley too.

Day 4: Thethi National Park to Shkoder City

Stop At: Grunasi Waterfall, Theth Albania
08.00 am. After the breakfast in the guesthouse, the day will start with walking to the waterfall and canyon, and down the valley to the church and to the Lock-In tower with a local English speaking guide.
Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Tower of Nikoll Koceku, Ruga e Gjelajve, Theth 4009 Albania
Here the owner will summarize the story of this place. This was a lock-in tower used accordingly to the 'Kanun' low to establish peace between people/ between to sides.
Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Shkoder, Shkoder, Shkoder County
Around 12.00- 12.30 am the guided walk will be finished, and you should be ready at the guesthouse for the departure toward Shkodra city with a shared minibus.
The tour can end in Shkodra or at the starting point in Tirana. Travel time from Thethi to Shkodra is 2.5 hours.
An additional 1.5 hours to Tirana. You will change transportation in Shkodra, proceeding to Tirana with a public intercity bus. You will reach Tirana around 18.30-19.00 depending on the traffic.
Duration: 5 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast
No accommodation included on this day.

Duration:4 days
Commences in:Tirana, Albania

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