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Albania Kosovo Macedonia Tour

Albania  Kosovo  Macedonia Tour
Albania Kosovo Macedonia Tour

Discover amazing sites in this 8-day-long tour of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Explore the culture, history and nature of this part of the Balkans which has been closed to tourists for a long time but is now ready to be discovered. Learn about the medieval history of Albanians in Krujë, the place where the name “Albania” originates from. Taste local dishes and products as we visit agritourist farms. Tour Koman Lake by boat and soak up the amazing views of the Albanian Alps. Learn more about the Christian heritage of the area through the Fresco narration at the Patriarchate of Peja, considered by many the mother of all Serbian Orthodox Churches. Take a guided tour of Ohrid, the lake-side UNESCO city with a rich and ancient history dating back to the 4th century BC. By the end of this tour you will have experienced a wide-range of Balkan life, and will most likely have fallen in love with our beautiful region

Highlights :
• Discover more about the Albanian and Macedonian Cultures
• Explore the Patriarchate of Peja which dates back to 13th Century
• Relax in Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest in Europe.

 What you can expect

Day 1. Airport – Tirana

After the group lands in Albania, you will be welcomed by the Albanian travel agency representatives. Next we transfer from the airport to the hotel in the capital city of Albania, Tirana. In the afternoon we will visit some of the best sites in Tirana, including Scanderbeg square, Et’hem Bey mosque, Toptan Castle, and  the Pyramid.

Day 2. Tirana – Kruja – Tirana

In the morning we will visit Kruja, its castle, and Scanderbeg Museum. Kruja was the most important town for the Albanians during the 15th century. It successfully withstood at least three major sieges by the Ottoman Empire. The museum we will visit, is dedicated to the Albanian medieval hero Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg. Lunch will be in the agritourist center of Marikaj where will experience true Albanian hospitality.

Day 3. Tirana – Koman Lake – Gjakova (Kosovo)

Our day starts with a trip to Koman Lake. We will see the three power-plants installed in the lake which together produce about 60-70% of Albania's electric needs. We will sail through the lake for about 2 hours, enjoying one of the most scenic routes in Albania. 

Day 4. Gjakova – Prishtina – Peja – Gjakova

Our journey will take us to Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. There we will visit the Museum of Kosovo, the Etnographic Museum and the center of the city. The next transfer is to Peja where we will visit one of the most important Serbian religious sites, the Patriarchate. 

Day 5. Gjakova – Prizren – Ohrid

We will travel to a very important city during the Albanian National Awakening Movement of the 19th century, Prizren, Kosovo. There we will visit the memorial house of the Albanian League, Sinan Pasha’s mosque, the Orthodox church and the center. 

Day 6. Ohrid – Saint Naum – Ohrid

With the assistance of the local guide, we we will visit Samuel castle, Saint John Caneo, the amphitheater, and more. Lunch will be in Ohrid. In the afternoon we will travel to visit Saint Naum monastery, deeply venerated by Macedonians. 

Day 7. Ohrid – Elbasan (Albania) – Tirana

Our journey will lead us toward Albania through Qafa e Thanes border control. The first stop will be in Elbasan where we will visit the Ottoman Castle and Saint Mary Church. 

Day 8. Tirana – Airport

Breakfast in Tirana. In the morning before departure we visit the National History Museum. We will then head to the Airport where our tour will end.

Duration:8 days
Commences in:Tiranë, Albania

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