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  • Camping at Lukova Beach

Camping at Lukova Beach

Camping at Lukova Beach
Camping at Lukova Beach

It is a plantation of old olive and different citrus trees that offers a great deal of shade and freshnes during hot days of summer. It is a location for the adventurous holiday peace and nature lovers.

The campingsite it is considered as a quiet place for relaxing holidays, all in all surrounded by nature and very low on buildings which turns this place into a superb place for the nature lovers. Also there are activities at the campsite like hiking, diving, wind surfing etc.

One could come and set up own tent and use camping facilities as normal. There is a grill for use to anyone who enjoyes to BBQ.

Lukova Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Albania Riviera, a dazzling strip of white rocks, several kilometers long, that is lapped by the deep blue water. Outside peak season, it’s very quiet, during the peak time of summer months frequents…

Duration:1 day
Commences in:Saranda, Albania

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