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Experience the hike of Dajti

Experience the hike of Dajti
Experience the hike of Dajti

Dajti mountain is located in the district of Tirana just 25km away, with an existing surface of 29 ha. The area represents landscape, cultural, historical and traditional values. In the park there are many well-expressed phyto-geographic areas: the oak, the beech, Fand alpine and sub-alpine pastures etc. There have been found rare and protected trees of chestnut and walnut. Among the mammals we highlight the presence of the wolves, bears, wild domestic cats etc.

Dajti mountain is the most easily accessible mountain in the country. The view from the top of the mountain is magnificent and you can even see the Adriatic Sea from up there. The hike from the point of starting is moderately easy. Fit and active travelers can hike along beautiful trails from the city suburbs to the top of this 1,613 m. tall mountain. But for those who prefer to relax or meditate in nature, or simply enjoy what it has to offer, there is a a cable car that provides a fast-track option straight to the top.

The trip:

Our trip will have its start at your picked hotel/hostel. We pick you up and from there we will have a ride to the cable car which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Tirana. It takes about 15’ to reach the end of the cable-care ride. The arrival point is the heart of the National Park of Dajt Mountain, called the Field of Dajt. After we arrive we will have a short coffee break and then continue our journey. During the hike if we’re lucky we may even see wild animals or footprints of them. Also the view will be really beautiful during the whole trek. From 1h30m to 2h30m are needed for the hike (depending heavily on the group) and after you arrive at the peak of the journey and you lie in the fresh grass with the sun in your face, you will thank yourself for the decision to take this trip.

Duration:5 to 6 hours
Commences in:Albania, Albania

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