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  • Explore Tongo Island by boat

Explore Tongo Island by boat

Explore Tongo Island by boat
Explore Tongo Island by boat

Ishulli Tongo, Albania is an island and is east of Ishulli i Stillit and southeast of Kurrizi Psimenos. Tongo Island (Albanian: Ishulli i Tongos) is an island in the Ionian Sea in southern Albania. It is a rocky island, and its waters are rich in aquatic life. The island is situated about 300 metres (984 feet) off the Greek coast. It has an area of 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres).

Spend your 8-10 hours in Saranda to explore Tongo Islands !

We start the tour at 9-10 am at (Bar Limani) Sarande or Ksamil City .

During this trip you will visit some magical places like Cape of Stillos , Ftele Bay and Tongo Islands. You can reach this virgin bays only by boat so this is a perfect location for travelers that hate crowded places. You have to take your own food because there"s no restaurants and other facilities ...

We will stay there around 6-8 hours depends on your own choice !

So see you there ...

Duration:8 hours
Commences in:Saranda, Albania

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