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  • Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo

Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo

Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo
Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo

This great Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo combines Walking, Cycling and Rafting together in Northern Albania. We start the tour with some general information and history as we travel to the city of Kruja. Next we drive to the Albanian Alps and cycle toward the village of Theth, a charming village tucked amidst impressive mountains above 2500 m. We walk to Valbona Valley reaching the altitude of 1815 m from where both Theth and Valbona offer breathtaking views. Rafting from Dizdar to Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station through Valbona river will be another great experience. We will have the chance to cycle through Kosovo up to Junik to visit the typical Dukagjinian Tower Houses.

• Cycle through the scenic roads in Albanian Alps
• Visit the Dukagjini towers and learn about their history of Kosovo
• Walk to Valbona valley and experience breathtaking views of the Alps
• Raft through Valbona valley and experience the adrenaline

What you can expect

Day 1. Mother Theresa Airport – Kruja When the group arrives in Mother Theresa Airport, they will be welcomed by our tour-guide. Then we drive to the city of Kruja. We visit Kruja, the castle and Scanderbeg Museum. 

Day 2. Kruje – Shkoder – Koplik – Boge (by minibus). Boge – Theth (cycling) Today we travel to the city of Shkodra and visit Rozafa Castle. The castle rises imposingly on a rocky hill, 130 metres above sea level, surrounded by Buna, Drini and Kiri rivers. 

Day 3. Theth – Valbonë (walking) We begin walking to Valbonë, whereas the bikes will be transported by minibus in another way through Theth – Shkodër – Milot – Kosovo – B.Curri – Valbonë. 

Day 4. Valbonë (walking and cycling) Two options are offered to the group, which can be chosen by them: one part of the group can walk for around 4 hours through this trail Kukaj – Podi – Kollates – Valbona, whereas the other part can cycle in Valbona – Çerem – Valbona. 

Day 5. Valbona – Shoshan (cycling ) – Dezdar (Rafting in Valbona River ) The group starts cycling for around 20km, along Valbona valley. In Shoshan village we load the bikes in our minibus and begin rafting in Valbona River until Gri village. 

Day 6. Tropoje e Vjeter – Bucaj – Padesh – Koshare (Kos) – Botushe – Junik (Cycling) The group travels in asphalted road and off road to the picturesque village of Padesh which borders with Kosovo. Picnic in Padesh. 

Day 7. Junik – Qafë Morinë – Fierzë – Qafë Mali – Fushë arrëz – Pukë (cycling and driving) We drive on asphalted roads through Junik – Qafë Morinë – Cërnicë – Fierzë. From Fierzë we can travel in two ways toward Pukë.

Option 1. We drive from Fierza to Dardhë village. 

Option 2. The trip continues rafting in Koman lake beginning from Fierza until we reach Koman. 

Day 8. Puka – Gjegjan – Rrëshen – Rubik (cycling). Breakfast in Puka. We begin the day cycling through mountain roads following the itinerary Pukë – Gjegjan – Rrëshen – Rubik. 

Day 9. Rubik – Milot – Lac – Fushekurje – Kamez – Tirana (cycling) Breakfast in Rubik. We continue cycling through the old track that connects some residential areas, like Milot – Lac – Fushe Kruje – Kamez. 

Day 10. Tiranë – Mother Theresa Airport Breakfast in Tirana. This is a free day for the group.Next we drive to Mother Theresa Airport in Rinas where this tour ends.



Duration:10 days
Commences in:Tirana, Albania

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