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Rent Bike
Rent Bike

Daily bike rental to visit around Saranda and Ksamil.

With our rental bike program you can visit around saranda for a minimum price and lower time.You can reach by bike Ksamil,Blue Eye and beautiful and lonly beachs.You will be able to fully enjoy your holiday and your ride! Any problems? Our passionate team will be happy to help you!You can visit A Balkanic country that has been avoided for a long time by a wide tourist community, Albania lays comfortably on the gentle waves of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. For many years, Albania has remained isolated from the world. Its rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature with picturesque canyons and beautiful 

clean beaches were hidden from the view of regular tourists, who instead chose Greece and Montenegro. The Albanian 

population is extremely hospitable, as in most Balkan countries. This is represented in abundant tasty food, low prices for tours and a respectful, if not to say affectionate, attitude towards everyone who has shown interest in their modest country.

Duration:1 day
Commences in:Tiranë, Albania

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