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  • Through the nightlife of Tirana

Through the nightlife of Tirana

Through the nightlife of Tirana
Through the nightlife of Tirana

Tirana is a city famous for it's vivid nightlife and there is only one area notoriuously famed neighbourhood for nightlife in Tirana (and maybe even Balkans), the Block (al. Blloku)! It used to be a communist elite-only neighbourhood. As for 2018, the ish-Blloku is totally different. It's the place to be!

You can spot the latest Laborghini showing off  on the narrow streets or well-known celebrities in one walk. Bllok is the most expensive and fancy area in Tirana full of classy boutiques, caffes & bars, cocktail, underground and funky pubs, colorful lounges, expensive restaurants and also nightclubs for never-ending-nights. Alchool, good music, dancing and more alchool. We have hand-picked some of the craziest and friendliest spots to make your Friday unforgettable...or forgettable. Depends on how much of a drinker you claim yourself to be.

The craziest cocktails in town! A cocktail bistro and academy the place is one of the hottest in town and one of the best for consuming the pre-drinks.

Duration:3 to 5 hours
Commences in:Tiranë, Albania

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