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  • Walking Albania National Parks

Walking Albania National Parks

Walking Albania National Parks
Walking Albania National Parks

Enjoy the best of Albania’s natural beauty. Explore the Theth, Valbona national parks, as well as the Gashi River Reserve. In addition, this 9-day tour will take you through the historic towns of Prizren, Berat, Durrës, Kruja and Tirana.

• Walk in three of the largest national parks
• Enjoy a folk performance in Valbonë
• Visit the beautiful city of Prizren in Kosovo
• Visit Berat, UNESCO heritage
• Taste delicious homemade food and drink raki.

What you can expect

Day 1. Airport – Tirana

The group will be welcomed by the Albanian travel agency representatives at the airport in Tirana. Next we transfer from the airport to the hotel in Tirana. In the afternoon we will visit Tirana’s highlights.

Day 2. Tiranë – Shkodër – Theth

Breakfast in Tirana. Travel by minibus from Tirana to Theth. Along the way, we will stop in Shkodër to visit the Castle of Rozafa and the renovated center. 

Day 3. Theth – Qafë Valbonë – Valbonë

Breakfast in Theth. We will walk to Valbona through Valbona pass with our luggage following by horse. On the way we will see the Valbona water springs, waterfall and the village of Rragam. Overnight in Valbona.

Day 4. Valbonë – Çerem – Mullafc

Breakfast in Valbonë. Today we travel by minibus up to the village of Çerem. From there we will begin walking to the Mullafci Alpine Pastures

Day 5. Mullafc – Begaj – Tropoje

Breakfast in Mullafc. We hike along the National Park of Gashi River following the trail from Mullafc through Herushte and Bradozhnice, and finally to Begaj. 

Day 6. Tropoje – Kasaj – Qafe Morine – Prizren – Rubik

Breakfast in Tropoja. Today we walk along the border-crossing trails between Kosovo and Albania. The walk will take us through the Yugoslavian military check point and on to Kosovo. 

Day 7. Katund i Vjeter – Mulliri – Katund i Vjeter - Rubik – Durres – Berat

Breakfast in Rubik. We make a short visit today to the village of Katund i Vjeter. We will have the chance to visit a local family and drink raki, a local alcoholic drink. After our walk we drive to the ancient city of Durrës where we will visit the 2nd century BC Roman Amphitheatre. 

Day 8. Berat – Kruje

Breakfast in Berat. Today we visit the Ethnographic Museum and King Mosque in Berat. Next we will drive through Lushnje, through Vore and on to Kruje. In Kruja we visit the castle of Kruja and Scanderbeg Museum and have lunch in a restaurant nearby. Overnight in Kruja.

Day 9. Kruje – Sari Salltik – Kruje - Tirane Airport

Breakfast in Kruja. Today we walk up to Kruja mountain to visit the shrine of Sari Salltik, an important site for the Bektashi community in Albania. We will then transfer to the “Mother Teresa” Airport where our tour will end.

Duration:9 days
Commences in:Tirana, Albania

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