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Cook Wine BA

Cook Wine BA
Cook Wine BA

We will learn how to prepare “empanadas”, starting to make the dough and preparing the filling from ground zero. The filling can be the traditional one with meat, or the vegetarian with humita (recipe from the North of Argentina; a mix made with corn).
Whilst the “empanadas” (pies) get cooked, we will start preparing our dessert: delicious cornflour “alfajores”, a sandwich of two cookies stuffed with dulce de leche (milk caramel) or Nutella. Each guest will have the opportunity to prepare his own alfajor with different toppings.
Finally, you will be able to savor the traditional Argentine “mate” and learn the secrets of how to prepare it.
The Argentine cooking classes will allow you to build up some aspects of our culture, meet other gastronomic travelers and spend a pleasant moment all together.

“Cook & Wine in Buenos Aires”
“Customs and traditions from Argentina”
Experience with Argentine wines and cuisine
We invite you to discover Argentina’s gastronomy world by way of a delightful culinary encounter, with recipes full of tastes and flavors typical of our country. It will be a totally unique and interactive experience.
First of all we will be tasting a cutting board with charcuterie and cheeses accompanied by three 100% Argentinean wine suggestions that will allow you to travel from north to south of this country by only changing the glass of wine.

Sample Menu

• Picada
• Empanadas
• Alfajores de maicena con dulce de leche o nutella

Duration:3 hours
Commences in:AAJ, Argentina

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