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  • El Palmar National Park Admission Ticket

El Palmar National Park Admission Ticket

El Palmar National Park Admission Ticket
El Palmar National Park Admission Ticket

One of the most important samples of El Palmar National Park is the Yatay Palm. In the savannas of palm trees, woodpecker, parrots and colored hawks seek shelter, food and places and nest in trunks. In the grasslands, walking birds sneak out of foxes, wildcats and ferrets. On the banks of the El Palmar, Los Loros and Uruguay river streams you can find Brown Brocket Deers, Racoons and, in the streams, Capybaras and River Wolves.

Visit: Parque Nacional El Palmar, Ruta Nacional 8 14 Ubajay, Colon B2720CNN Argentina

Places to visit and activities:

- Pedestrian access trails from the Visitor Center
- Path to the Historic Site "Calera del Palmar"
- Descent to the Los Loros stream
- Uruguay River viewpoints
- Gardens of the Municipality and Historic District of Estancia el Palmar (they are accessible to people with disabilities)
- Vehicle access trails
- Road to the Historic Site and Beach. There is a lifeguard service during the months of January and February.
- Road to the viewpoint of the Los Loros stream (it is ideal for cycling all-terrain)
- Road to the Mirador de La Glorieta
- Road to the Mirador del Arroyo El Palmar.
- Bird observatory "Del Pastizal" and "De la Selva".
- Yatay trail
- Wildlife watching. The most recommended schedule is in the afternoon, starting at 6 p.m. to see Capybaras (on the access street) and at night Vizcachas (in the Services Area). As for birds, the best times are early morning and sunset.

Duration:1 to 12 hours
Commences in:Colon, Argentina

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