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  • Cross country skiing in Armenia

Cross country skiing in Armenia

Cross country skiing in Armenia
Cross country skiing in Armenia

You are sitting at home and thinking that it's winter and it's cold so there is nothing to do? You are definitely wrong!

If you’ve never skied before or haven’t mastered the sport yet, this cross country ski lesson for beginners in Armenia is for you. Get picked up from Yerevan, and drive about 40 minutes to the skiing spot. Your guide gets you the equipment you need, and makes sure you feel comfortable in it. Then, you learn the basics of skiing, and start out on flat terrain. If you feel confident, you can gradually hit small hills to challenge yourself, too. DO WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN'T...

Be picked up and transferred from Yerevan to Tsakhkadzor - Valley of flowers in translation. Tsakhkadzor is considered to be the most developed ski resort in Armenia and it is ideal for organizing different winter activities including cross country skiing. You will meet your personal instructor here and start with brief introduction so that you have time to get familiar with your equipment. 

This activity is designed with a beginners in mind. If you have never tried skiing before, or are hesitant, now is your opportunity to learn to ski in a scenic and relaxed environment. There will be minimum two and max 10 people taking part in the tour, so it's easy to interact with your guide and ask for more instruction or assistance. You learn first how to fall down, get up, and slowly walk with the skis. Then you begin to ski using basic techniques in a completely flat area. You'll ski in flat terrain, mostly on prepared trails on the top of the Tromsøya island, which is a short drive (about five minutes) away from the city center. After some training, get introduced to some different techniques for skiing, and try to ski a little up and down the hill.

Duration:1 to 3 days
Commences in:Yerevan, Armenia

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