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Adventure the scenic trails in Antigua

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Adventure the scenic trails in Antigua
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Adventure the scenic trails in Antigua

Pillars of Hercules is an extremely scenic loop with a lot of fruit trees and phenomenal views. As we have been recently inducted into UNESCO (the worlds well-kept heritage site), you will get to tour pass grave stones, cisterns and even the guard house back in the early seventeen hundreds (1700’s). Not only will you see these sites but our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable with the historical background.

Mermaid basin was formed by the gentle strength of flowing water, trickling its way through limestone rocks and forming shallow pools. The grandiose columns thick and wide stand resolute against the onslaught of the ocean, guarding the entrance of English Harbour and the beautiful course line.

In order to identify the tour guides they will be dressed in their uniform, the vehicles will be labelled with the company's logo and there is a sign that will be held at the St. Johns port for persons arriving on Cruise ship.

Duration:150 to 180 minutes
Commences in:St. John's, Caribbean
City:St. John's

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