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Airport Transfer - Hotel

Airport Transfer - Hotel
Airport Transfer - Hotel

We are specialists in the private transport service in the city of Cartagena, we stand out for the personalization of the routes, the security and the good treatment of our staff.

You will love to transport yourself with us.

In Nexxt, the information you provide at the time of booking is very important, so we can offer a better service. After verifying and corroborating the place of collection and the destination to which you are going, we proceed to send a final confirmation message. At this point we will be waiting to pick you up.

We will meet the stipulated schedule and we will be pending any developments in the itinerary, we will pick you up at the hotel or airport and we will take you to the destination point, our service is personalized.

Once the trip is over, we hope you will contact us again for an upcoming occasion.

Cartagena awaits you!

Duration:30 to 60 minutes
Commences in:Cartagena, Colombia

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