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Coffee Park

Coffee Park
Coffee Park

You can enjoy a great show where you will know how coffee entered Colombia and how it has impacted each region where it has arrived, through dance and singing.


It is a cultural tribute, where you can get to know everything related to coffee culture, marvel at the exuberance of the landscape and feel the adrenaline of all the mechanical attractions you have.

Comfortable clothes for hot and cold weather
Tennis / Closed Shoes
Photographic camera
Cap or hat

Axis Magic Travel with National Tourism Registry 42377 is entitled to the liability clause contained in decree 2438 of July 9, 2010.

 The sexual exploitation and abuse of minors in the country constitutes an illegal practice that carries penalties in accordance with article 16 of Law 676 of August 3 of 2001

 Axis Magic complies with the rules: Child labor exploitation, minor code (Law 1098 of 2006). The prevention of Cultural Heritage traffic (Law 397 of 1997). The prevention of the traffic of species such as flora and fauna (Law 599 of 2000 and Decree 1608 of 1978). We defend the equality of race or gender (Law 1482 of 2011, modified by Law 1752 of 2015).

Duration:10 hours
Commences in:Montenegro, Colombia

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