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Coffee Tour Coffee Flowers and Birds Walk

Coffee Tour Coffee Flowers and Birds Walk
Coffee Tour Coffee Flowers and Birds Walk

At Finca El Porfín, we want you to live a different experience, an authentic experience, where you can connect with our culture in a more intimate way, knowing about our traditions and our daily life. We want you to take a little of that beautiful legacy left by our grandparents, our house, our crops, our culture, our love for our land, in short, a little of what we are and love.

We want to show you the heart of our land, EL CAFÉ. That you can taste a cup of coffee, freshly piled and roasted by yourself, and know everything we have done to reach it. May you let our trees and our earth transmit everything they have to give you.


You will start your experience with a delicious drink, while listening to a little history about where you are, our house and our grandparents. Then you will go on a journey that will take you into the world of coffee. You will know a form of cultivation that is 100% friendly to the environment, we will show you its main differences and benefits.

We will tell you a little about our relationship with plants, especially guadua. You will appreciate the shade of the trees, the variety of fruits, the protection of the soil, the very balance that nature seeks and finds.

Then you will know our garden and you can harvest some vegetables that are part of our daily diet. You will eat an orange, sweet and juicy as do coffee pickers day by day.

You will see the stages of coffee growth and you will know everything that passes a grain from when it is submerged in the earth to be born, until it reaches your mouth to delight you.

We will show you its benefit, its washing and drying. We will teach you to thresh, toast and grind coffee in the traditional way, so that you have in your hands a delicious coffee made by yourself.

Duration:3 hours
Commences in:Filandia, Colombia

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