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  • East Old Paisa Towns

East Old Paisa Towns

East Old Paisa Towns
East Old Paisa Towns

The word paisa refers to a regional subculture of Colombia and is commonly associated with the smaller, rural towns of Antioquia, the state surrounding Medellín. Rather than having you read about it, this tour will show you what paisa truly means. The traditional Colombian way is alive and well today in the small towns that we’ll visit, each boasting its own specialty. El Retiro is known for its beautiful plazas and talent in woodworking. Here, we will stroll around the town, learn about paisa culture, and admire the quaint streets. El Carmen de Viboral centers on ceramics and its community is full of masters. We’ll have the chance to enter a workshop to marvel at experts creating and meticulously painting their work, after which we will have the chance to purchase some of these masterpieces. San Antonio de Pereira’s claim to fame is its local desserts, ideal for those with a sweet tooth wanting to sweeten up this full-day tour!

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Exploring the roots of this nation’s culture is a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding of modern-day Colombia, and this tour gives you the chance to do just that. You’ll visit a few of the rural towns that maintain Colombian traditions to this day, and it’s here that your appreciation for our beloved country is sure to bloom. If getting to know the real Colombia is what you’re after, this informative and intriguing tour is the one for you.

Duration:8 hours
Commences in:Medellin, Colombia

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