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Eco Cultural Trekking

Eco Cultural Trekking
Eco Cultural Trekking

We take care of nature, we reduce the ecological footprint of all the sites we visit. We promote the care of nature and tourist sites.
We promote community tourism, we seek to support community processes in indigenous, peasant and urban populations.
We explore new cultures, we give ourselves the opportunity to meet and spread new cultures with respect and inclusion.
We practice solidarity tourism, we balance the balance between cultures of different countries to improve local economies.


3 days on a solidarity route for nature lovers, who want to explore new roads and learn about Colombian culture.
This is an unprecedented route where you will test your physique surrounded by lush hidden landscapes with a wide variety of fauna and flora.
You will travel ancestral roads and visit the ecological places of the region where you will learn about Colombian history and culture.

Duration:3 days
Commences in:Villa de Leyva, Colombia
City:Villa de Leyva

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