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  • Croatian Towns Private Tour: Salona and Trogir from Split

Croatian Towns Private Tour: Salona and Trogir from Split

Croatian Towns Private Tour: Salona and Trogir from Split
Croatian Towns Private Tour: Salona and Trogir from Split

Visit two of the oldest towns of the Adriatic coast - Trogir and Salona. The tour was designed with your maximum comfort in mind - you will travel in a luxurious air conditioned minivan, with your very own guide and driver. Don't miss the chance to truly feel the history of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean!

You can freely change the itinerary as to bets suit you (you can negotiate the duration of the walking tours, we can make an extra stop if you wish to and so), just contact us before hand so we can make all the necessary arrangements. 


The driver will pick you up at 9 am at the appointed place. The drive towards Salona is only 15 minutes long, so we will be there a bit after 9 am, and start the walking tour right away.


To appreciate Salona you must go there in the proper spirit, knowing something at least of the story of the destruction of Roman Salons and of its palmy days in the preceding centuries. You must remember that the sea, which has since receded, once washed the city wall, that it was a naval station with its harbor full of the imperial galleys, that double walls with many towers surrounded it, and were battered in many a siege before at last it fell before the Avar hordes, and lay waste and desolate for centuries before the local priest, Don Frane Bulić, started the extensive excavations. Today it is the premier ancient landmarks in Dalmatia, and certainly one of the oldest in the region. The guided tour will take you through Manastirine, an early Christian cemetery, to the amphitheater, astonishingly well preserved! Salona is the best place to see how old Romans lived and died in the times before Christ.

Afterwards, we will drive you to Trogir. The path will takes you through the seven Kaštelas, lovely towns with a very long waterfront promenade. You will arrive in Trogir after an half an hour drive. There, the local guide will start the walking tour.


Trogir is an adorable little town. From the moment you see the Marina, with old Castel Camerlengo with its battlemented walls, you are charmed with it. Trogir dates back so far, that many of the other ancient places seem to be almost modern, by comparison. It was founded by Greek Sicilians from the Island of Lissa, about the year 380 b.c. Trogir today you see a perfect example of a Dalmatian city of the Venetian period, and Venetian Gothic windows, carved stone balustrades and balconies meet your delightful gaze at every turn, and quaint courtyards tempt you to enter them and admire some lovely bit of architecture hidden from the street. The guide will take you to see the cathedral of The old center, St. Lawrence Cathedral with its majestic portal of Radovan, priceless collection of the Chapel of st. Ivan Trogirski and gothic church bell are the parts of this „Adriatic pearl“, Camerlengo Fortress, Central Square, Church of St. Barbara, St. Michael Bell Tower.

After the walking tour, you will start the drive back to Split, where you will return at about 3 pm.

Duration:1 day
Commences in:Split, Croatia

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