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  • Land of Wine Kakheti

Land of Wine Kakheti

Land of Wine Kakheti
Land of Wine Kakheti

• Gremi;
• Kvareli;
• Kvareli Wine Cellar

This tour is specifically designed for wine lovers and takes you to the most famous wine-making region -  Kakheti. You’ll stop at Gremi, a 16th-century complex which used to be a royal citadel and visit the Church of the Archangels. Then you’ll drive to Kvareli  and visit Nekresi, a historic town to visit one of the ancient churches of the country, which became a refuge of Abibus, one of the Assyrian Fathers that came to Georgia to spread Christianity. Then you’ll continue your way towards Ilia Lake. Afterward, you’ll visit Kvareli Wine Cellar and Wine Tunnel to get acquainted with their wine producing techniques.

Duration:4 to 6 hours
Commences in:Tbilisi, Georgia

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