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Beginners coffee seminar

Beginners coffee seminar
Beginners coffee seminar

Why do we do what we do? Because we love it!

Coffee is the elixir of life for many people. We drink every 160 liters per capita and year.

Many out there do not even know what they are drinking. The main thing is to wake up.

Coffee is like a good wine - it depends on the right cultivation, the right harvesting method and above all the right roasting and preparation.

What distinguishes a supermarket coffee from a specialty coffee of small coffee roasters?

You will learn all this in our seminars. We want your coffee to be a taste experience and not just a pick-me-up!

We look forward to seeing you and share our knowledge with you!

For a better coffee world out there!

Coffee is the favorite drink of the Germans - unfortunately there is still too much bad coffee. To change this, to enlighten you, to entertain and to pass on our "Yoda", that is coffee, to you, we organize exciting seminars!

The course is divided into two parts: As in real life, theory and practice await you.

The theory covers the basics of the coffee customer: the history of the coffee, origin and cultivation of the bean, botany around the globe, harvesting and processing as well as trade and roasting.

Then it starts - the practice calls! In the practical part you will learn in a small group a few basic brewing methods and coffees, which are all tried and tasted!

You will be amazed! In the end, each participant will of course receive his own diploma in coffee yoda.

Theory: Introduction to the world of coffee, history, coffee growing & trading, roasting

Practice: Using alternative brewing methods such as Chemex, Hario V60, Aeropress, Siphon, French Press and Moccamaster followed by tasting

Target group: Everyone who loves coffee and wants to know how coffee still tastes. People who are interested in filter coffee and its brewing methods. No previous knowledge required.

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Hamburg, Germany

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