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  • Be Mykonian Just for a Day - Duration 8 Hours

Be Mykonian Just for a Day - Duration 8 Hours

Be Mykonian Just for a Day - Duration 8 Hours
Be Mykonian Just for a Day - Duration 8 Hours

Take the unique experience, to live as a true local Mykonian, 80 years before. It will be a true journey through time.

it is not just a simple tour or activity. You will travel back to time where everything was different.

Our top-secret destination will be a traditional Mykonian village. You will have the opportunity to observe but also to participate to the whole process of milk collection from goats and lambs, cheese and yoghurt production as well as how to knead and to slice bread in the traditional way. Then, you will be able to lay the bread in the traditional stone wood-burning oven, which will be already lit from farm’s people.

While the bread will be in the stone oven, you will carry on with the collection of eggs and vegetables from the chicken coop and the vegetable garden respectively.

At about 9:00, you will take out the freshly baked bread to accompany your breakfast together with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese made in the farm.


After your breakfast, you will be transferred by 4x4 cars, in order to start touring to a complete uninhabited area, north of Mykonos Island having the rare opportunity to see how locals live behind the scenes of this cosmopolitan island.


The touring starts with the visit of the lands of a local villager, where you will see various kinds of animals living in the island, offering you the possibility to play and take pictures with them. You will be offered, the exclusive privilege to swim to a complete private and isolated beach, just nearby the villager’s land.


Once you have finished your swimming time, you return to the traditional farm to have an exquisite food tasting made of Mykonian local recipes, prepared by a local in the most traditional way.

 Before you leave the farm, you will taste the so famous Greek coffee with local sweets.

Once finished, our staff will escort you to our vehicle for a safe return to your hotel.


Duration:8 hours
Commences in:Agios Ioannis Diakoftis, Greece
City:Agios Ioannis Diakoftis

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