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  • Hiking around Navarino Bay

Hiking around Navarino Bay

Hiking around Navarino Bay
Hiking around Navarino Bay

In the western part of Messinia where the Ionian sea embraces the shore of Peloponnese, we hike the hill of Palaiokastro, the famous beach of Voidokilia and the lagoon of Yalova the southernmost station of migratory birds between Europe and Africa. The area being integrated into the environmental program natura 2000 is the largest wetland in southern Greece and offers shelter to wild migrating birds, which we may have the opportunity to observe. Here lives the endangered African chameleon while numerous birds such as herons, kestrels, aegean seagulls, flamingos, ospreys, royal eagles and other migratory and endemic birds take shelter at this hospitable and safe environment.


We hike through the medieval castle of Palaiokastro on Koryfasio hill, then hike down to the stunning Voidokilia beach to swim and have pic nic before returning to the starting from a path just by the lagoon.

Stop At:

• Voidokilia Beach, Petrochori, Pylos-Nestor Greece

Duration:4 hours
Commences in:Greece, Greece

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