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  • Budapest Trabant Tour- Go Trabi Go

Budapest Trabant Tour- Go Trabi Go

Budapest Trabant Tour- Go Trabi Go
Budapest Trabant Tour- Go Trabi Go

A TRABANT ADVENTUROUS RIDE IS AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE TO ADD TO YOUR TO DO LIST IN BUDAPEST " if you want to discover all highlights of budapest in fun, funky and vintage way rent trabant from us .

We are proud to say: We have the largest Trabant fleet in Hungary. With more than 40 cars in our estate we are also unique in Europe. With our classic super cars you can drive yourself ,explore the beautiful city of Budapest, guide by our city tour guide.We also do individual rentals, hotel pickup & drop-off ,and finally airport transfer . To ensure that you ride doesn't get boring, we help you discover your creative part by including some exclusive activities such as historical and cultural games.

Sign up for a great fun and hilarious ride in an old authentic Trabant.

We lighten up your holiday mood with an adventurous vintage ride. During our tour, you will travel back in time in a genuine Trabant automobile to experience the wonders of this one-of-a-kind city.

Our tours are guided tours, meaning Trabis go together in a convoy. You drive in a convoy guided by our leader car with the tour guide. In other cars, the guide can be heard via radio. During the tour we make stops to make sure you can change the drivers. We create other activities like games ,historical competitions . Giving you a retro feeling and taking you back to 80s. We are here to make your visit to Budapest memorable.

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Budapest, Hungary

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