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  • Flyboard Activity from Montego Bay

Flyboard Activity from Montego Bay

Flyboard Activity from Montego Bay
Flyboard Activity from Montego Bay

Fly Boarding Montego Bay Flyboard adventure water sports activity Jamaica . The new craze in Watersports Flyboarding  . Get strapped on to your board and fly like "Iron Man " propelled to new heights with you water boaster jet Man apparatus that allows you to experience a new trend in water experience in Tropical island Jamaica . So easy to try that a 10 yrs boy became our youngest participant  you will be flying in 5 minutes . Fly Boarding a thrilling activty for the adrenaline seeker . Take the soar on this flyboard trek.


Flyboarding in Montego Bay Jamaica requires the Flyer (you) the person strapped to the board that is control of the motion and direction of the board during the flight  to or fro right left flip , sommersault  all depending on experience  .

The Board is the apparatus  which allow the flyer to take control of the jets its is shoe based so you will be strapped on to the board  .

The hose which connects the Jetski to the Board  where  power is tranported to the board via the hose and its length determines how high the flyer can soar . the Jetski which provide the power to the board  propeling the flight this is the hub for the Operator to instuct and guide the flyer . 

The operator/Instructor  the persons who controls the power based on the flyers expereince and expertise the operator adjusts the power to offer the jets .

Montego bay Flyboarding Watersports offers the thilling adventure for the thrill seeker in Jamaica  .

Duration:35 minutes
Commences in:Montego Bay, Jamaica
City:Montego Bay

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