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  • 4 Day Hike Mt Kenya

4 Day Hike Mt Kenya

4 Day Hike Mt Kenya
4 Day Hike Mt Kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa.The peaks of the mountain include Batian 5,199 m, Nelion5,188 m and Point-Lenana 4,985 m. Mt Kenya is located in central province in the republic of Kenya. the surrounding areas include Meru, Embu, Laikipia, Kirinyaga, Nyeri and Isiolo counties which are very close to the equator (16.5 KM). the Moutain derives its name from Kirinyaga which means "the place of God". We will tell you more once you join us.

Route: Naromoru - Sirimon

Day 1:Naromoru Gate - Met Station Camp 3300m;9km

Drive from Naromoru town to Naromoru gate and start the hike to Met Station camp 3300m (9km) where we stay for the night.

Day 2:Met Station - Mackinders Camp 4200m;11km

From Met station camp to Mackinders camp 4200m situated at Teleki valley for our night before the hike to the Lenana peak 4985m.

Day 3:Mackinders Camp- Point Lenana down to Old Moses Camp 3300m;20km

Start the hike at around 2am through Austrian hut to point lenana 4985m for a spectacular peaks view and an exclusive sunrise after which we head down to Shiptons camp on Sirimon route for breakfast. After breakfast at Shiptons camp we descend to the old moses camp 3300m for the last night.

Day 4:Old Moses camp - Sirimon Gate;9km

A 9km walk to Sirimon gate where we catch transport to Nanyuki town.

Route: Sirimon down Chogoria

Day 1:Sirimon/Judmaier Camp (Old Moses Camp) 3-4 hrs, 9km, 860m ascent

Leave Nanyuki town and Proceed to Sirimon Gate, 2650m. From the gate follow the track as it winds uphill though the forest About 3.5 hours from the gate the track veers right to Judmaier Camp, 3300m.

Day2:Judmier Camp/Shipton Camp 6-7hrs, 17km, 900m ascent

After breakfast, follow the track uphill, forking left at the junction. After one hour from Old Moses Camp, the track crosses Ontulili River. Go right contouring through the Moorland and crossing Likii North and continue uphill to Mackinders Valley from where there are panoramic views up the valley towards the main peaks.

Day 3:Shiptons/Point Lenana/Mount Meru Bandas (Chogoria Gate) 11-12hrs, 32km, 785m ascent

Leave at 3am towards lower Hall Tarns arriving point Lenana (6km from Shipton Camp) at 6:30am, taking about 3hrs. After the sunrise, descend down to Mintos hut (6km), 2hrs, for breakfast and 20km, 4-5hrs further down to Mount Meru Bandas, 2950m.

Day 4:Chogoria Bandas/Chogoria

Descend 2hr, 10km to forest clearance to catch transfer vehicle to Chogoria town

Duration:4 days
Commences in:Nairobi, Kenya

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