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Laos vital Tours

Laos vital Tours
Laos vital Tours

We delivery all tour based on our expertise and skill, this tour has selected the vital and unique excursion to customer your day trip.

Walking tour in UNESCO town include visit former Royal Palace, Wat Xienthong the finest art and architect of Laos temple. Lunch eat local Kao Soy the famous flat noodle soup
this afternoon take a short ferry trip to the opposite of Luang Prabang town where small countryside village there and part of UNESCO territory with very peace path, great to take an half of easy level hiking. Also climb up the Wat Chomphet where is fabulous viewpoint site.

Sample Menu

• Khai Pane - serve with buffalo chill source and sticky rice
• Kao soy - serve fresh veggies
• Purple sticky rice with coconut homemade milk

Duration:1 day
Commences in:Luang Prabang, Laos
City:Luang Prabang

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