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Ayus Wellness 7-Nights Clarity and Peace of Mind Retreat in Mulu Sarawak

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Ayus Wellness 7-Nights Clarity and Peace of Mind Retreat in Mulu Sarawak
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Ayus Wellness 7-Nights Clarity and Peace of Mind Retreat in Mulu Sarawak

Immerse yourself in the Ayus Wellness Experience (AWE) signature program, Clarity and Peace of Mind. Amidst the beauty of an ancient and pristine tropical rainforest, you will experience a bespoke program of Nature immersion, meditation, breathing, whole foods, massage and new knowledge. Being blessed with such outstanding natural beauty, and using Nature as one of our tools of therapy, is a very novel approach to wellness.

The Ayus Wellness program operates out of Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa, a luxurious five-star resort which is contiguous with Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important natural sites in Southeast Asia.


Ayus Wellness programs enliven deep wellbeing, drawing on Borneo Indigenous knowledge of Nature, nutrition and healing. The sample schedule is shown below and may be adjusted during the retreat:

06:45 Boat Journey to Clearwater Pool

07:00 Integrative Yoga and Meditative Breathing at Clearwater Pool

08:00 Swimming

08:30 Picnic Breakfast

09:00 Boat Journey back to the Mulu Marriott Resort

10:00 AWE Signature Massage Treatments

12:30 Lunch at Marriott Alfresco Poolside

13:30 Personal Time

15:30 Afternoon Tea with AWE Treats

16:00 Knowledge Program

17:00 Integrative Yoga and Meditative Breathing at Mulu Marriott Resort

19:00 Dinner – AWE Cuisine

20:30 Night Walk - Optional

21:30 Peaceful Sleep - Optional

Stop At:

• Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa, Sungai Melinau, 98008 Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Duration:8 days
Commences in:Mulu, Malaysia

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