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Bazi Reading
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Bazi Reading

Through this method of analysis, one will be able to maximize their potential base on their ability, skills and favorable timing and also allowing one to make plans or to take certain action or steps when luck is not on their side.

Ba Zi can also be used to discover one’s hidden talent and untapped skills.

With Bazi offers:
• Yearly Astrology (e.g. 2018 Year of Dog)
• Discovering one’s potential & talents
• How to maximise one’s potential
• Strategic Planning – short or long term (preparing for the coming years)
• Presenting solutions for personal issues (partnership, health, relationship and etc)
• Which fields & job scope is suitable or favorable.

In order for the analysis to be performed accurately, you are required to provide your date and time of birth.
(Please provide the information a few days before the reading.)


Ba Zi (八字), commonly known as the Four Pillars is a Chinese Destiny Analysis technique that captures the energies of a person at the time of birth. This energies influence the character, skills, talent and the life path of a person.

Duration:1 hour
Commences in:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
City:Kuala Lumpur

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