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Create from your soul

Create from your soul
Create from your soul

This creative activity helps you to find your spiritual harmony. You can reach more balanced, more satisfied, happier, more productive life.

When you really deepen in a creative activity, you become a state of consciousness that is comparable to a sense of happiness - just go with the flow.

The expresson of art give you a new way to shape your hidden or hard-to-express feelings in a more tangible, tactile and accessible way and become more conscious.

Through creativity you can better handle your troublesome thoughts, you will be able to silence your mind, and learn to turn it off.


On our creativity-driven activities, we focus on ‘Discover your creativity’ in a one-day program. We spend our time in rest and let our creativity manifest in the most obvious form for us. This can be anything: taking a photo, writing a fairy tale, making videos, creating a natural collage or even working out ideas. Just free up yourself. Discover what your creative expression is.

This process makes you more creative and gives you a liberating feeling as you give room for your ability.

Stop At:

• San Anton Gardens, 7 St. George's, Attard, Island of Malta Malta

Duration:6 hours
Commences in:Mdina, Malta

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