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  • FULL Day Eco Twizy 2 seater self drive Malta tour

FULL Day Eco Twizy 2 seater self drive Malta tour

FULL Day Eco Twizy 2 seater self drive Malta tour
FULL Day Eco Twizy 2 seater self drive Malta tour

Visit Malta's top location's in an unforgettable way ! Experience our fully electric Twizy driving in style from one attraction to another.
All car's are equipped with GPS navigation system fully loaded with Malta top attractions and walkie talky for families and bigger groups.

Live tracking of the cars from the office and a two way communication system in each Twizy, enabling assistance and fast intervention if necessary

Electric cars are the ultimate choice for those willing to explore our beautiful islands of Malta & Gozo.
Twizy's are available in the 80 model version with the max speed of 85 km/h. Our cars are cool, comfortable and fun to ride, able to drive up to 80 km without recharging and very easy to park.
Twizy's are an ideal option not only for touristic sightseeing but also for transportation within the city areas.
A stylish design plus the energy-efficiency of the Twizy's make them a must drive in Malta.

Go on an unforgettable adventure with our electric Twizy's and get to know the beautiful island of Malta and its people.

Forget the long waiting times, full busses and guides that tire you out.
Visit Malta's top attractions at your own pace following our pre-programmed tours or simply roam around and explore what the island has to offer and its top places like 3cities to Mxlokk, Blue Grotto, Mdina, Dingli Cliffs, Golden bay, Mosta Dome, Popeye Village and much more.

All cars are two-seaters, equipped with 3d Navigation system, walkie talkie, data track and Wifi.
Drivers must be 21 years of age and holding a valid driving licence, Credit card.
A ticket is valid for one Twizy 2 seater up to 80km Autonomy.

Duration:1 to 10 hours
Commences in:Il-Furjana, Malta

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