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  • Private Try Dive For up to 2 Beginners - SSI Try Scuba

Private Try Dive For up to 2 Beginners - SSI Try Scuba

Private Try Dive For up to 2 Beginners - SSI Try Scuba
Private Try Dive For up to 2 Beginners - SSI Try Scuba

At Endless Oceans our goal is to ensure you enjoy the underwater marvels that Gozo has to offer. With your own private instructor you will receive the time and attention you need, and your instructors will work with you in a very personalized way at each step to tailor the experience to you. We hope that your try dive with us it will be one of your most memorable experiences on the Maltese islands. We endeavor at each stage to ensure your safety and that you are comfortable and enjoying your time with us. So why not take the opportunity to discover one of the worlds top diving destinations?


Experience the other 70% of our Ocean Planet, the SSI Try Scuba program is your gateway to the underwater world.

This half-day beginners diving experience is limited to two divers per group and starts at our new dive centre. Upon arrival your instructor will guide you through selecting you modern diving equipment followed by a 30 minute classroom session to explain the basics of diving before heading out to one of the many shallow bays within 20 minutes drive where you will discover the submerged wonders of Gozo. Once at the chosen site for the dive, your instructor will explain the site and its history before helping you get "kitted-up" and starting the dive. After approximately 45 minutes to and hour of diving you will resurface having discovered a new world. After the dive you will be free to continue on with your holiday without any need to return to the centre if you do not wish to do so. Best of all you can earn the SSI Try Scuba recognition rating and discover what it is to be a diver at the same time.

Stop At:

• Xatt I-Ahmar Bay, Imgarr Road, Ghajnsielem, Island of Gozo Malta

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes
Commences in:Għajnsielem, Malta

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