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  • 'Wild&Awake' Creative Adventures for Adults in Malta

'Wild&Awake' Creative Adventures for Adults in Malta

'Wild&Awake' Creative Adventures for Adults in Malta
'Wild&Awake' Creative Adventures for Adults in Malta

During the program, participants take part in different fun and creative endevours. The program is held in/outdoors depending on weather conditions. The program is held in the Maltese Island, Gozo. These short programs aim to enhance creativity in a playful manner. Additionally participants often experience a sense of ease, calmness, a sense of joy, and enhanced level of mindfulness after the workshop.

Wild&Awake' Creative Adventures for Adults in Malta

Being Creative is a certain way of thinking and acting. When you are creative you see a wide range of solutions to an issue. You play with the solutions until you track the one that fits the problem the best. Education system tends to wipe out most of our creative trends. Creative thinking is adventurous and wild. Creative can also be remedial and enlightening.

During these playful exercises your creative ‘side’ will open and strive. These short (3-hour) workshops invite you to experiment with various tools that enhance creative thinking and creative expression.  The exercises are built in a way that you can walk away with an ‘AHA’ moments. You can let some steam go. You can learn to relax with art. NO matter which workshop you chose, you will learn tools with which you can tame, manage and strive on Life’s challenges more creatively.

Daily Themes
• Meditation and creating intuitive art - guided meditation then putting our findings into a creative piece of art
• Present&Past Mandala making – Creating a symbol mandala on the story of our past and present
• Manifestation Art Making – We create a dream board of mixed media and/or textiles
• Gratitude clover making – learning to express gratitude in a piece of art & Learning to journal with art
• Beauty from Aches art work – forgiveness and embracing the past through crafting a piece of art
• My perfect Life visioning mandala making – creating a mandala of the life we wish to live ad magnetizing it
• My perfect life visioning dream-board making – creating a dream-board of the life we wish to live ad magnetizing it
• Making textile art for relaxation - learning to relax and chill with making art
• Doodling/drawing as a form of meditation – learning to relax and chill with making art
• Overcoming creative anxiety and unleashing creativity – releasing blocks of ‘past experiences’ and having fun with your own creativity. Gaining proof that you are just as creative as anybody else.

Themes vary daily,  places are limited so pls inquire before making a booking.

Attire: comfortable

Dates: between 10 April to 15 November, daily

Timing:  5—8pm

All material and refreshments are included in the price. Pickup service is available.


Minimum participants: 2

Maximum participants: 8

Duration:3 hours
Commences in:Il-Qala, Malta

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