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Cenote Diving

Cenote Diving
Cenote Diving

The cenotes are full of myths and legends. Diving in the CENOTES OF YUCATÁN is like diving in the past, it is knowing part of our history. Entering the crystalline waters of the Maya is like floating in the inner space of our culture, admiring the capricious formations of nature, entering the Yucatan jungle and enjoying these paradisiacal flooded places called CENOTES (Dzonot), enjoying the spectacle of Light and shadow produced by the sun's rays when entering the water is indescribable !!!


Adventure, emotion, mystery contains this indescribable and unique underwater world in the cenotes. (SCUBA Diving) Paradise for diving and nature lovers. If you want to fly ... now is when! You will have this feeling in the middle of a flooded cave. These natural wonders and sacred sites of the Mayas are underground rivers with caves, caverns and open areas suitable for all levels of diving. Diving among its transparent waters is indescribable. Admire impressive stone formations (Speleothems) at different depths, enjoy the spectacle of light and shadow as the sun penetrates through the water, discover archeological remains, human bones and much more ...... Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful and sacred crystalline waters of the Mayas.


Duration:7 hours
Commences in:Mérida, Mexico

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