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  • Auckland Airport To Whangarei Exclusive Travel

Auckland Airport To Whangarei Exclusive Travel

Auckland Airport To Whangarei Exclusive Travel
Auckland Airport To Whangarei Exclusive Travel

This is a great service and more importantly, we care about you.

Our business has been built on word of mouth because we provide amazing service to people like you.

Auckland Airport to Whangarei town basin is roughly 2 1/2 hours that's not including any coffee or toilet stops you require.

Please note: this is a door to door service but the TripAdvisor booking system is unable to price in kilometers so we have worked out the price to the town basin and if you want a door to door service from the town basin, that can be charged separately and our pricing is very fair. If you require our door to door service and prefer the price worked out prior to your travel then we would need your drop off location in Whangarei and email us

Luggage allocation is 1 x Large Suitcase and 1 x carry on per customer and we use luggage trailers when required.

Customers who book with us continue to do so every time, they enjoy our conversation and sometimes humor.

Auckland Airport To Whangarei Town Basin Exclusive Service

Booking has now become very easy with Tripadvisor. It has allowed us to tell people about the services we provide and not just through our own websites. Once you have completed your booking through Tripadvisor... Book A Ride Will then send you a confirmation email confirming your booking.

1. If we are picking you up from Auckland airport ... We will send you an automated email explaining the pickup process and what to look for and location.

Good Morning Peter,
It's Craig from Book A Ride here just letting you know I am excited to meet you tomorrow and I will be at the arrivals pre chartered area which is located to your left as you enter into arrivals.

Our airport signage will be a blue & white striped sign with our company name (Book A Ride) on it. The airport has free wifi if you need to make contact with me via wifi and our facebook page
Great, see you soon!
With warm regards,

We have automated messages for your pickup from home or airport because the most important thing for us is keeping the lines of communication open which is one of the highlights of our fantastic service.

Once we have picked you up from the airport we then continue on to Whangarei Town Basin.
If we need to stop at any point we make allowances for that as much as we can anyway.

Duration:2 to 3 hours
Commences in:Mangere, New Zealand
Country:New Zealand

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