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  • Five Star Local Cuisine Cooking Class

Five Star Local Cuisine Cooking Class

Five Star Local Cuisine Cooking Class
Five Star Local Cuisine Cooking Class

Adding a cooking class to your New Zealand holiday is a tasty way to create amazing memories. You'll get hands-on experience with Pacific Rim cuisine.

Every part of New Zealand has its own unique food and wine specialties. Different types of fish and shellfish, specific fruit and vegetables that thrive in their local climate, cheeses from artisan producers, and climate-matched grape varieties.

The best way to get acquainted with these local specialties and people is to book a cooking class and tie on an apron for yourself.

Svend used to be the head chef of a five-star cruise ship kitchen and was a lecturer at a prestigious cooking school. He knows the history, legends, oceans and wildlife of Dunedin. He is keen to share his knowledge of New Zealand cuisine and culture with every guest.

Kiwi Culinary Experience. - Enjoy a private and personal cooking experience guided by Chef Svend, create a complete typical kiwi meal (NZ Fresh Seafood, NZ Grass-fed Beef, NZ Free-range Chicken and NZ Signature Lamb).

In some special events, chef Svend will arrange the great Kiwi take home experience. Harvest or enjoy a variety of NZ seafood, NZ lamb or NZ venison. Our chef will then expertly preserve them for you to take home to your final destination.

Sample Menu

• Mondays - Warm / Cold New Zealand Seared Salmon Potpourri
• Tuesdays - Superfood Salad Roast Lamb
• Wednesdays - Dunedin’s Firecracker Chicken Noodle Salad
• Thursdays - Otago’s Winter Rainbow Wrap Choice of Roast Beef
• Fridays - Swanky Bean and Sourdough Bread Salad, Choice of Roast Market Fish
• Weekends - Seafood Pasta

Duration:3 hours
Commences in:Dunedin, New Zealand
Country:New Zealand

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