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  • Trip to Thar Desert & Nagarparkar

Trip to Thar Desert & Nagarparkar

Trip to Thar Desert & Nagarparkar
Trip to Thar Desert & Nagarparkar

The Thar Desert is estimated to be 4000 to 10,000 years old and stretches over an area of approximately 200,000 square kilometers.
The desert is also identified as the “Great Indian Desert” being the world’s 7th largest desert. In Pakistan, the desert covers the eastern Sindh province and the southeastern portion of the Punjab province. The Thar Desert is also known as a ‘Friendly Desert’ due to its easy accessibility and pleasant climate. Approximately half a million inhabitants, 70% of whom are Hindus, live in the desert, spread over 13,000 square kilometers living mostly in mud houses
Our Visit would include visit to Jain Temples, Hindu temples, ancient mosque and cultural experience of the desert

About 470 Kilometers from Karachi lies Nagarparkar the last village of Tharparkar Desert near the Indian border, Will leave Karachi at Sunrise on Karachi-Makli National Highway.Resume the journey towards Badin and Mithi. taking short stop for tea and snacks will reach Nagarparkar before evening in about seven hours approx

Duration:2 days
Commences in:Karachi, Pakistan

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