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Half Day Tour :Goree island

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Half Day Tour :Goree island
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Half Day Tour :Goree island

What makes this tour unique first ,is Gorée island is world heritage classified by the UNESCO. In other words ,this famous island was very active in slave trade ,and will from 1536 to 1848 ,year of the abolition of slavery ,the main place ,where 15 to 20 slaves will be shipped for the America's. Slavery will first started on the island practiced by the Portuguese in 1536.On the island you will explore the ancient slaves houses used by the Europeans ,but also will visit the one built by the Deutsche in 1776,where were kept 150 to 200 ,waiting to be shipped There you will see the famous "gate of return".We must not forget that Goree was occupied by the Portuguese, the Deutsche, the English and the French.When visiting the island ,you will see the 1830 French church ,the former French fortifications ,the birth house of the first black deputy at the french Parliament, the French governor's residence.In short you will learn a lot about the country's history, slavery, colonization and so on

From your hotel,we will go to the ferry station ,to take the ferry for Goree island ,where we have an appointment ,with the history of mankind. Goree island was one of the important places ,where the slaves were shipped for Europe and The America's. There we visit the slave ,where you will see the famous" gate of return " and the cells ,where the slaves were shackled ,while waiting for the boats to come back and carry them .Then we will tour around the island to discover the world heritage.Then we will the 1830 French church, the place ,where the Portuguese had built their 1481 chapel ,used at the time as cemetery for the Portuguese missionaries, the French governor residence ,the historical museum,the former French fortifications. In short all the heritage.Lunch on the island in a unique and typical restaurant near the sea,and back to your hotel or ending location.

Duration:5 hours
Commences in:Dakar, Senegal

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