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  • 2 Night 1 Day Hike Northern Cape South Africa

2 Night 1 Day Hike Northern Cape South Africa

2 Night 1 Day Hike Northern Cape South Africa
2 Night 1 Day Hike Northern Cape South Africa

Most serene, quiet hike. Completely exclusive - no other persons around. Just your group and nature. Minimum 2 persons, maximum 10 persons. Choose 1 oof 3 hiking trails with varying distances and elevations. Enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Northern Cape and how nature manages to survive in this semi-arid area. Experienced owner/guides who knows the area, forna and flora. An experience of a lifetime with personal traditional South African home cooked meals, native to the Afrikaaner community. This 1 day hike is of a easy or moderate difficulty for people and cannot be done unless fully walking fit with no injuries.


South Africa has some of the best hiking or hike activities in the world. The area of the Northern Cape is no exception with guided hike activities suited to the walking enthusiast.
2 nights, 1 day: Easy or moderate hikes, either 4, 5 or 10km distances.
Guests will arrive at the Guest accommodation where they will overnight , Dinner will be served. The next day breakfast will be served. Hiking to commence after breakfast. Light snacks and beverages will be served during the hike. On arrival at the guest accommodation guests will have time to refresh and will then be taken with pipe cars for a scenic drive. Once back at the main guest area, dinner to be served.

A profuse show of Namaqualand's love language, the desert blooming during a good rainy season. Flora life in abundance. Duiker buck ducking into bushes when surprised. On a clear sunny day beautiful views of hills upon hills stretching out towards the west coast and on a foggy day the mysterious fog rolling in providing life giving moisture to both plant and animal life. An exhilarating trail.

Duration:1 day
Commences in:Nigramoep, South Africa
Country:South Africa

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