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Adventure Lowveld Tour

Adventure Lowveld Tour
Adventure Lowveld Tour

It’s the first of its kind in Africa. This is the Graskop Gorge Lift that descends 51m and opens its doors on to luscious greenery and a 600m suspended waterfall trail. The lift has a maximum capacity of 26 people and allows you to enjoy an almost 360-degree view of the gorge as you descend. As soon as you step out you meet with huge rocks and refreshing forest air. There is a faint sound of rushing water but the waterfall will not be visible yet.

There are no bugs crawling as one would expect on warmer days but there are something magical about the thick, heavy mist that hung above your heads.

Brown wood and green moist leaves with a white haze are all that can be seen before, suddenly, the waterfall.

Along the gorge route there are educational boards, humorous placards and a magnificent stained-glass panel.

Once your journey is done there’s a 100% chance you will want to go down the trail again.

The drive to Graskop in Mpumalanga takes about four-and-a-half hours and the simple ride is perfect for a road trip with friends or family.  Guests will be picked up from their hotel in Jhb or airport at 06:30 AM.  Depending on traffic the expected time of arrival in Graskop will be at 11:30 AM. The lift neighbours a cosy coffee shop, an arts-and-craft market, an art gallery, boutique shops and the Big Swing. A late breakfast included in the price awaits all guests.  After breakfast guests will enjoy the adventure awaiting them.  People are escorted by the friendly but strict guides on duty. Visitors will be transported into a forest environment where on a clear day they will be able to see across the Kruger National Park towards the Lebombo Mountains, on South Africa’s border with Mozambique, and the flat plains of Swaziland. Before departing back to Joburg at 16:00 PM guests will enjoy a cold to drink which is also included in the price.  Expected time of arrival in Joburg will be 20:00 PM. Guests will be dropped off at their hotels.

Duration:6 to 8 hours
Commences in:South Africa, South Africa
Country:South Africa
City:South Africa

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