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Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle Service
Airport Shuttle Service

LTC is a Standard & Luxury Shuttle and Tours Company, focused on showing off the best The Mother City has to offer. Founder Caleb Carelse has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 8 years, growing and gaining knowledge in the travel and hospitality industry. He only worked at 5 star hotels which gave him the opportunity to fully understand the meaning of delivering 100% guest satisfaction. Caleb found there was a need for better service and started his own company. Caleb focuses on giving each guest 100% guest satisfaction by offering a Private Service for Local and International Guests.


Deliver 5 Star service to each and every guest we encounter.


To grow in such a way that we are able to uplift communities by employing locals and giving them opportunities to develop skills and empower them to provide for themselves.

When arriving from either International or Domestic arrivals your driver will be standing at the arrivals with a clearly marked nameboard.

Duration:20 to 40 minutes
Commences in:Cape Town Central, South Africa
Country:South Africa
City:Cape Town Central

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