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  • Beginner Group Surf Lesson

Beginner Group Surf Lesson

Beginner Group Surf Lesson
Beginner Group Surf Lesson

They say salt water can cure anything and a bit of time catching waves, chilling on the beach, and toasting the sunset at one of the most iconic surf locations in the world and the home of the perfect wave as well stop no. 6 on the World Surf League Tour (Jeffreys Bay Corona Open) is definitely an antidote for the stresses of daily life or simply a recipe to have the time and adventure of your life. Soak up the sunshine, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and let Son Surf School take you there, Jeffreys Bay, the place of dreaming. Son Surf School established in 2003 provides an authentic unsurpassed surfing experience in JBay for all ages from beginner to advanced. Our services are professional, our staff are trained, experienced and SSA Accredited Instructors and are always willing to go the extra mile for our visitors and clients from all over the world.


Experience the joy of learning to surf in Jeffreys Bay with our experience and accredited instructors!
All ages and perfect for the whole family.
Loads of fun and excitement in store!!

Stop At:

• Dolphin Beach, Jeffreys Bay South Africa

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
Commences in:Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Country:South Africa
City:Jeffreys Bay

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