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Cape Town Shopping

Cape Town Shopping
Cape Town Shopping

This is your time. It's not just shopping, it's retail therapy.

We cover a large variety of shopping options as we take you to some of the best value shopping places in the City. We take care of making the appointments, where required, and ensure that you have a relaxed experience as you acquire some fond memories of South Africa.

We can also take you to places of your choice in an around the City.

We meet at 09h00 and head for our first shopping destination. Since some exclusive boutiques work only by appointment we take care of all the arrangements. 

Some of the best local shopping options include:
• Local African Craft Markets
• A local Spice Market
• An internationally renowned Exotic Leather Craft Shop... every piece is unique
• Diamond and Tanzanite Jewelry Manufacturer... create your own design
• The Duty Free Shop
• A local Art studio... meet local artists

African Craft Markets have a huge range of goods from all over Africa. These range from small carvings and African Masks to very large animal carvings.

South Africa White Diamonds is the best quality in the world. We also do Tanzanite which is one of the worlds rarest investment stones, at affordable prices. If time allows you can have your own unique design manufactured in as little as two days.

Our exotic Leather-craft is world renowned. Some of it's famous customers include Jennifer Lopez, Ann Hathaway and the British Royal Family.

Our Spice Shops use spices from all over the world to create unique blends that form an important part of the food culture of South Africa. These are used to produce some of our renowned favorite such as Cape Malay Curry, Samoosas and Koe'siesters.

Spend an unforgettable morning with us.

Duration:5 hours
Commences in:Western Cape, South Africa
Country:South Africa
City:Western Cape

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