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  • Chef Coco's Pan-Africa Culinary Experience

Chef Coco's Pan-Africa Culinary Experience

Chef Coco's Pan-Africa Culinary Experience
Chef Coco's Pan-Africa Culinary Experience

Multi award-winning chef Coco Reinarhz is African epicurean elegance personified. World citizen and son of our soil, his food philosophy always engages with what it means to be African in a global gourmet context. With a childhood spent at his mother’s side in her restaurant in Kinshasa and a formal training at the Ecole Hotelière de Namur in Belgium, Coco is uniquely qualified to lead the new wave of South African cuisine.


Chef Coco has travelled the continent sourcing dishes and recipes that are out of reach for most people. He brings both his childhood and African travels to the table in three curated dishes in an A-list restaurant in Sandton. You'll get VIP treatment as a Tastemakers guests and a world-class dining experience with the chef. Prepare to travel the continent through your tastebuds.

Epicure boasts a large collection of spirits and wines that Chef Coco will pair your dining experience with. Ranging from locally distilled gin to age old wine, the bar is a stop not to be missed. Chef Coco has traveled the continent, tasting and making dishes at each stop. He has become the master of taste and dish recreation. Based on your order, Chef Coco will take you on a tour of Africa through his dishes and tell you stories of his travel experiences.

Your dinner plate will not only be Instagram ready, you will be begging for more at your first bite. Take the time to ask about the ingredients and what drink best suits your dish.

Duration:4 hours
Commences in:Sandton, South Africa
Country:South Africa

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