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  • Authentic Flamenco Dance Class

Authentic Flamenco Dance Class

Authentic Flamenco Dance Class
Authentic Flamenco Dance Class

Our dance classes are special because they are lead by professionally trained Flamenco dancers. You will be able to learn some basic Flamenco moves, and emmerse yourself in the traditional culture and music of Flamenco.


Mercedes Mestre's Flamenco Atelier is proud to host some of the top Flamenco dancers to offer you 1h exclusive class. This is an unique and high quality experience in Barcelona, in a very intimate and exclusive setting, her Flamenco fashion atelier, the secret place where Flamenco magic is born.

The renowned Flamenco Fashion Designer Mercedes Mestre will welcome you personally and will introduce you to your flamenco teachers. In a single class you will learn how to move and coordinate your body movements as beautifully as Flamenco dancers do.
To enhance the experience and make it completely unforgettable you can be dressed, for an extra fee, with a Flamenco dancer dress of your choice, and rent or buy flamenco shoes, or use your own if you already have them. Mercedes Mestre will help you personally to get perfectly dressed in Flamenco style, up to your taste.

You will be allowed to take as photos and video shoots as you want.

Duration:1 hour
Commences in:Barcelona, Spain

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