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Sled dog kennel visit

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Sled dog kennel visit
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Sled dog kennel visit

Katharina has the answers to all your questions: what and how much do sled dogs eat? Does each dog always have the same position in the team in front of the sled? During your kennel visit you can ask everything you have ever wondered about these fascinating athletes!

If you would like to, you can also have the chance to get extra close to some of the 8SeasonsHuskies sled dogs. Some of the huskies will happily welcome you as a guest in their dog yard. You can pet them and take photos with the Alaskan Huskies.

Besides the dogs themselves, Katharina will also show you all of the training equipment and explain what else is involved with the success of the dog sledding team. What does a mushing harness look like and how are the dogs attached to the sled? This tough sport requires many details to be just right and Katharina will be happy to share her experience and thoughts with you.


Katharina and Johanna are running the competitive sled dog kennel 8SeasonsHuskies in the heart of Lapland. You can find around 30 Alaskan Huskies at the kennel, a combination of retired dogs, young dogs and race dogs. Their philosophy is to take care of every dog on an individual level. For Katharina and Joahnna it is more than a full-time job – it´s their lifestyle. For the long races, like the 1200km Finnmarkslöpet, it is important to have an extremely good connection with their team of sled dogs.

The Alaskan Huskies are the heart and soul of the MI.EKO BASECAMP. Katharina has been mushing in Swedish Lapland since 2010. The feeling of driving a dog sled and the challenge of developing the full athletic potential of the whole team has become her passion. She will gladly share all her insights on the daily life with sled dogs in the Arctic climate with you.

When you arrive at the MI.EKO BASECAMP, you will soon hear the dogs’ excitement for new people. Be prepared that not only Katharina will welcome you, but also one or two helpers with four paws will be by her side. Your very personal meeting with the huskies will start right from the beginning.

Duration:2 hours
Commences in:Miekojärvi, Sweden

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