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  • DIY Pottery on Secret Rooftop

DIY Pottery on Secret Rooftop

DIY Pottery on Secret Rooftop
DIY Pottery on Secret Rooftop

❥ Your children will no doubt have a memorable time with you while working together to create an original piece of art.
❥ Your child will be presented with a great chance to know more about Taiwan. ❥ Your finished piece will serve as a happy reminder of your time here.
❥ The design theme will be related to Taiwanese origins. Theme will be designed by the studio owner spontaneously.
❥ After this fun ,creative time, you will be offered afternoon tea in one of the best cafes in Dadaocheng and be able to relax and admire your work.


This workshop will be held in a private flat on a rooftop in Dadaocheng. This area is the mecca of Taiwan’s economic and cultural development. Dihua street is the main street in Dadaocheng and one of the oldest streets in Taiwan. Even in the present day, Dihua street still represents the heart of Taipei due to its traditional lifestyle and is the place where people crowd into for Chinese New Year’s shopping. At the studio you will experience Chinese pottery handicraft in one of the oldest flats. Here participants will be able to work while enjoying the sun shining through the window.

Qiaofeng will be our lecturer for this workshop. She is also an owner of pottery brand “Sunday Morning”, and has been involved with several artist-residence programs in several countries including America, Japan, and Finland. The three-hour workshop will give you a chance to learn about Taiwanese culture and pottery handicraft with your children., We believe this is the best way to explore local lifestyles in Taiwan. At the end of class, you will have your unique souvenir made by you and your child, which will serve as an enduring memory and one you could never have imagined possible.

Stop At:

• Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei 103 Taiwan

Duration:4 hours
Commences in:Taipei City, Taiwan
City:Taipei City

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