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  • Hunger Games Bow and Arrow Battle

Hunger Games Bow and Arrow Battle

Hunger Games Bow and Arrow Battle
Hunger Games Bow and Arrow Battle

Bow and arrow battle is a very popular activity at home and abroad. Not only will you train your courage and athletic ability at the same time, you will also test your on-the-spot response by running, flashing, hiding, and shooting. How to quickly calculate the parabola and bow, and give a blow when your opponent is not ready, a sweat will make you sweat, and you will enjoy it!

With a special safety bow and arrows and professional goggles, you can aim your opponent at will without worrying about causing pain and injury. It is very suitable for family and friends to participate in fun.


Led by professional coaches, through carefully arranged combat training, even if you have never used bows and arrows, you can easily get started, from standing in place to practice, to moving to the survival battlefield, and experience the survival test like the hero of the movie.

[Bow and Arrow Battle] During the event, there are three games:
The first [Civil War]
I will give you both novices to stand and shoot arrows at each other, and let you learn the skills of catching parabola.
The second game [target score]
Both sides must hit the opponent's target to score, not only need to aim quickly, but also the team members must interfere with the enemy at the same time, it is extremely exciting.
Session 3 [Order Operation]
Both sides need to move the archery when the coach blows the whistle, a fast-paced war game that allows you to vent your work pressure and kill yourself ~

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
Commences in:Taipei City, Taiwan
City:Taipei City

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