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  • Private Tour: Hehuan mountain (2D1N)

Private Tour: Hehuan mountain (2D1N)

Private Tour: Hehuan mountain (2D1N)
Private Tour: Hehuan mountain (2D1N)

Standing at over 3400m, Hehuan mountain boasts breathtaking 360 degree vistas of Taiwan’s mountain ranges, and is the perfect place for travelers who wish to experience the magnificence and beauty of high mountain scenery without having to hike long hours.

Unlike the highest peaks in Taiwan which require you to travel mostly by foot, Hehuan mountain is accessible by public roads that lead up to an elevation of 3275m. Reaching the peaks of Hehuan mountain does not require you to have any experience in mountain hiking. In fact, most trails in Hehuan mountain are well paved and only require an average of 1-2 hours to complete.

Location: Hehuan Mountain

Duration: 2 days



08:00 Pick up [Pick up from your hotel/b&b/TRA Station in Hualien City.]

08:30 Chishingtan Beach

09:30 Swallow Grotto

10:00 Tianxiang

11:00 Xibao Elementary School

12:30 Bilu Sacred Tree [Lunch (optional).]

13:30 Guanyuan Gas Station

14:00 Hehuan Jianshan Peak

15:00 Shimen Peak

17:00 Hotel check in


07:00 Breakfast [Meet up at hotel lobby.]

08:00 Hehuan East Peak

10:30 Wuling

13:00 Tianxiang [Lunch (optional)]

15:00  Eternal Spring Shrine

16:00 Qingshui Cliff

17:00 Drop off [Drop off at your hotel/b&b/TRA Station in Hualien City.]

From sea level to 3,200m; Day 1 starts with visits to a few highlights of Hualien and Taroko Gorge, including Chishingtan Beach, Swallow Grotto and Tianxiang. After a leisurely morning in Taroko National Park, the ascent to Hehuan mountain begins, with stops in between at unique sights like Xibao elementary school (a boarding school that has a organic farm), Bilu Sacred Tree (a 3,200 year old tree) and Guanyuan gas station (highest elevation gas station in Taiwan at 2,374m).

Upon reaching 3,200m, the true adventure begins. Enjoy a multitude of high mountain views of Hehuan and the surrounding mountain ranges with easy hikes to different peaks like the Hehuan Jianshan trail (200m to peak) and Shimenshan trail (800m to peak). In the evening, after dropping off at your accommodation and dinner, you can enjoy some stargazing at viewing spots near your lodging.

Day 2 starts of with a hike on the East Peak trail (1km to peak). Once a ski area in the 1980s, the trail offers amazing views of Qilai mountains’ ridges and peaks. Alternatively, take a stroll up the Main Peak (2km to peak). A relatively flat and well paved trail, the main peak trail offers 360 views of the area.

After an active morning, take a break with a photo stop at Wuling. At an altitude of 3275m, this road is famous for being the highest point in Taiwan that is accessible by vehicles. Then, take a break as we descent back to Tianxiang for lunch. The 2 day tour then ends off with stops at 2 more highlights: Eternal Spring Shrine and Qingshui Cliff.

Duration:2 days
Commences in:Taiwan, Taiwan

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