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  • Siang kháu Lū Cultural Kitchen

Siang kháu Lū Cultural Kitchen

Siang kháu Lū Cultural Kitchen
Siang kháu Lū Cultural Kitchen

In Taiwan, an agriculture-based country, rice has been the most significant food for almost as long as Han people have been living on the island. In the 1950s, wheat received as part of U.S. AID profoundly influenced Taiwanese diet.

Siang kháu Lū Cultural Kitchen passes on the methods and stories and shows the beauty of Taiwan's traditional rice cakes. We demonstrate the step-by-step cooking process, and explain the different kinds of rice cakes made for different occasions, used as offerings to worship ancestors, gods, and nature, and to pray for fortune and health in different moments of our lives.

Content of workshops changes with different seasons and festivals, so you will discover something new and interesting with each visit. You will experience making cakes in a traditional house SānHéYuàn (三合院), see the authentic lifestyle of the traditional Taiwanese family.

Taiwanese rice cakes cooking class.

From traditional ingredients to authentic home-made Kueh (rice cakes), come and learn the history and culture of the island and its traditional rice cakes.

Sample Menu

• Âng-Ku-Ké(Red Bean Paste Tortoise Cake) - Tortoises are a symbol of longevity, and the color red signifies good fortune and prosperity.
• Tsháu-Á-Ké(Cudweed Savory Rice Cake) - April is the season for cudweed! Making offerings with seasonal herbs to our ancestors!
• Zòng Zi(Rice Dumpling) - When we gather to make Zòng Zi it's time for summer.
• Dàn-Huáng-Sū(Egg Yolk Pastry) - It's time to celebrate harvest moon with your family.
• Cài-Bāo-Ké(Radish Rice Bun) - Radish in Chinese is a homophone for good fortune!
• Tāng Yuán(Glutinous Rice Ball) - Roll all your joy and sorrow into the red and white Tāng Yuán!

Duration:3 hours
Commences in:Taoyuan City, Taiwan
City:Taoyuan City

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